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Carrie Bradshaw's Best Looks

Peony Lin

The infamous "Sex and the City" has an extremely creative mind behind its wardrobe. The show is known for its spontaneous fashion and its eclectic New York style, which is especially exhibited by the main fashionista of the movie, Carrie Bradshaw. Let's be honest, we all have a little bit of Miss Bradshaw in us. Who doesn't love good fashion and a large order of fries?

Carrie's outfits are known for a mix of patterns, which make her looks even more creative. This specific look channels the typical floral pattern with a summer starfish print. She keeps a neutral beige as the main color choice - from her top, to her jacket, to her skirt, and ending with her nude shoe. The art of mixing patterns is rocking it without thinking twice, as Carrie knows how to flaunt it to make other people believe it.

The lingerie-appeal has been a major hit these days. The delicacy of lace in this look is what stands out the most at first glance. This dress has a pleated dress under a longer lace overlay, which show off her legs without looking like a nightgown. Her artistic floral kimono dresses up the look, while providing significant coverage.

White is the typical summer color; it's fresh and clean and goes with just about anything, of course! The shape compliments her figure perfectly and stands out in a crowd. The matching cutout umbrella is a unique accessory and shade from the sun.

As bland as it may sound, grey is one of the most popular colors of 2017 so far. From paint colors in houses to clothes, people are switching from the tan tones to neutral greys. In fact, Carrie's glamorous Versace ballgown is anything but boring. The grey compliments just about any skin tone and hair color, and it specifically makes Carrie's eyes pop. the major ruffles are accompanied by a slight lace and shimmer touch for elegance. Her pale coral lip and cheek add just a pinch of color to the look.

Season-Four 2.jpg

New York style calls for class, which Miss Bradshaw exhibits perfectly in the look below. She repeats her admirable taupe grey color, which is complimented by a silk coral shawl. The slight sparkle in her dress, as well as her necklace, provides character without overdoing it. What better outfit to eat pizza in?

Season-Six 2.jpg

As we all know, overalls are making their comeback. Although Carrie's aren't necessarily the kind of denim overalls to wear on a regular basis, the concept of this look is ideal. The wide legs of her overall suit exaggerate the length of her legs, especially while wearing heels. Underneath, she wears a tighter blouse to slim the waist.