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It's Concert Season! Get Geared up for those Festivals

Peony Lin

As the cool air moves out and the fresh warm breeze moves in, the jammin' concerts and music festivals that we all know and love begin. Get your best of friends together, get some awesome 70's outfits on, and kick it up with some music! Of course some of the fun is getting dressed up and going all out, so here's some outfit inspiration for you guys. These are some of my personal favorite looks from past music festivals.

Who better to start off with than the queen of Coachella herself. Vanessa Hudgens always manages to take us to the 70's with her epic boho vibes. The beach waves are an essential, and her ombre blonde locks are the perfect summer color. She accessorizes her looks with loads of bangles and rings, layering a variety of sizes.

Australian Mimi Elashiry is another festival queen that I love and adore. Her sense of style is noteworthy and extremely individual. She sports two pieces quite often, and this one in particular is an adorable thin skirted two piece with a medallion and patterned detail.

Whether its super attractive or not, the functionality of a fanny pack does wonders. Fortunately, Mimi was able to find a super cute vintage-looking leather fanny pack that sits on her waist. There are plenty of stylish ones available to keep your hands free!



Although I applaud the louder and bolder outfits, I also greatly admire the simplistic beauty of a sundress.

This white laced detail sundress is a splendid example of a summer dress. The high low style at the bottom flows peacefully in the wind and the slight ruffle accents add extra character to the dress. Personally, I immensely adore the cutout lace detailed top. The spaghetti straps are dainty, girly, and sweet. She finishes off the look with brown chelsea boots and a brown tassel handbag. Her round sunnies are exceptionally retro!

Festivals are the ideal place to show off your personality and individualism, and there's a festival look out there that's just right for you. Whether it be a tee shirt and denim shorts or a lovely sundress, the outfit you wear is free to endless possibilities.


Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown

Vanessa also knows how to embrace the crop top and cutoff shorts. Crochet tops are a great investment to make if you attend concerts often or enjoy outdoor activities. They are extremely breathable and offer amazing comfort while still providing coverage.

Her acid wash high wasted denim shorts are a festival classic. Her wavy updo continues to give off the beach babe vibe wile keeping her hair off of her neck. She adds the perfect touch of flowers in her hair to dress up her look even further. As for her makeup, the tribal dot trend has been growing and is super easy to do with face paint!

Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown

Blogger Rocky Barnes has a style that's anything but ordinary. Her lightened locks and tan skin are perfectly sun kissed, and her tortoise shell shades add some sass.

Kimonos are hot items for all boho girls. They're usually light enough to wear in the heat, and they also can be used to layer or finish off an outfit. Rocky's kimono is a white crochet kimono with the absolute essential fringe.

Rocky wears a longer statement necklace, as well as a short necklace for layering. Body chains have been on the rise, especially with crop tops or other summer gear. Rocky wears a body chain around her waist for a hipster touch.

As for her shoes, there is positively no way to go wrong with a pair of gladiator sandals. Rocky chose some pretty neutral ones; however,  you can find them in any height or color.

Source: Spell and the Gypsy Collctive

Source: Spell and the Gypsy Collctive