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Parisian Summer Stripes

Peony Lin

Imagine yourself sitting at a cafe in Paris as you're sipping on wine and munching on baguettes. It is 10 in the morning, and you've just gone to the flower shop and picked up the most exquisite bouquet of roses, which matches the fresh red lipstick that you've put on. Your face and eyes are shielded by the loveliest sunhat as you read your favorite Ernest Hemingway book. The calming music from the speakers is just quiet enough to allow you to still observe conversations of others walking by you on the streets.

What do you imagine your clothes to look like? Parisian chic is the look that we all strive for. Why else would Paris be considered one of the largest fashion capitals of the world? The creativity included in the typical Parisian look is absolutely incredible and is difficult to top. In these looks, I decided to incorporate the chic-est pattern of all - stripes. Here's some inspiration for those summer days when you're sitting at your local Starbucks pretending to be on the streets of France.