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From Boring to Bomb ❤ Layering and Mixing Patterns ❤

Peony Lin

Are you ever stuck thinking that you just "don't have anything to wear"?

There are so many ways to take pieces and put them together to create an awesome look that you haven't worn before. You can mix patterns and layer on different items, which is great when it comes to the awkward in-between months of winter and spring! Here are some ideas to get you brainstorming.

Most people seem to think that flannels were meant for fall fashion. Fortunately, you can use them into the spring, as well! Heathered textures and tops, such as cotton tees and sweaters, match perfectly with flannels, and they're comfortable! An even better way to wear your flannels is with the sleeves rolled up for some flair.

I paired the two rough textures with the smooth suede and velvety shorts. They look awesome against the blue tones and pull in the warm tone of red from the flannel, as well.

I decided to finish off the look by adding on one more layer - a statement necklace. The gold pulls the warm tones into the top of the outfit and looks beautiful against the dark blue. Who doesn't love a stunning necklace anyways!

The complimenting white color of the top with the minimalist grey pattern provides extra coverage and style without overpowering the romper itself.  To add a pop of unique color, layer on some necklaces! I added a necklace with a slight turquoise accent to add individuality.

Vertical stripes are great things. They make shorter people look tall, and taller people look even taller. Often times, stripes are simple enough to be paired with other patterns. I decided to pair this specific romper with another vertical pattern with a little twist of diamonds.

Continuing with the theme of stripes, they can often also be worn with a subtle floral. The silvery grey tones in the maxi vest give love to the dark blue and orange in the romper. Emphasizing the colors in the romper, I used a gold once again to compliment the orangetones. The blue beading also goes well against the blue trees.

Layering and mixing such patterns and pieces is bound to dress up a simple look and take your personal style to the next level!