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★ What's in my Closet? ★

Peony Lin

Abigail Blum Plotography

Abigail Blum Plotography

It's pretty easy to find an artist's tee that you love. My favorite thing to do with these is to crop them a little bit and wear them with high waist bottoms, which leads me to another item in my closet!

High waist pants are in again, and either you love them or you hate them. "Mom jeans", as they've been called recently, are adorable paired with a crop top, and also accentuate the waist!

Celebs have been bringing this trend back, but in the chic-est way.

Emily Ratajkowski in high waisted jeans on

Emily Ratajkowski in high waisted jeans on

Alessandra Ambrosio in overalls by WENN

Alessandra Ambrosio in overalls by WENN

Overalls come in so many different materials. I love my comfy cotton overalls, especially with some sneakers. The denim overalls are traditionally stylish, as well! It's hard to go wrong with them.

In this outfit, I wore my overalls with a basic red and navy striped tee and added bold and dark lipstick for a grungy look. This look is super easy, right?!


In this outfit I wore a simple, yet stylish, sweater to set the outfit. The yellow skirt stands out against the white top, and I slipped on some black tights underneath.

If you're feeling a little daring, another idea would be to go for some patterned tights! Some black lace or polka dots could add even more creativity to the outfit!

I definitely have a few items in my closet that I know I'm a little too obsessed with, and I'm sure you do, too. I bet you even instantly thought of some. You know... maybe that old jacket that you've worn since freshman year of high school but refuse to get rid of? 

We are all guilty, but that doesn't mean its exactly a bad thing! We all have our trends and fashion concepts that we just wouldn't be able to live with out.

The band tee is at the top of my list. These things FLOOODDD my closet and consist of artists such as Boston, Jimi Hendrix, and AC/DC.

I love how band tees provide expression, as the type of music you listen to often gives a sense of what kind of person you are. As for me, I grew up listening to just about everything, but classic rock was at the top of my parents' list. It's just part of who I am!

Bella Hadid in high waisted jeans on Splash News

Bella Hadid in high waisted jeans on Splash News

Another one of my all-time throwback faves has to be overalls. They're definitely statement pieces!

Lately, the style has been to wear slimmer overalls, rather than baggy. Cuffing the bottoms with some bold pumps or booties has also been super popular. Simple basics look awesome underneath overalls to tone down the look, and it'll give you that perfect 90's style. When the weather warms up, crop tops can also be worn underneath for a fashion-forward appeal.

Abigail Bum Photography

Abigail Bum Photography

Of course... the button-up skirts never fail. They continue to be at the top of the trend board and we just can't get enough.

I love these skirts because they're so versatile. You can wear sweaters, blouses, band tees (wink wink), or just about any other top with them!