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410 Peachtree Parkway Ste 138
Cumming, GA 30041


Welcome Babes ☀︎

A Lady Of Lavender is a woman of intelligence, beauty, confidence and much more. They come in all shapes and sizes and want to make every woman feel comfortable and beautiful in everything that they wear. They aspire all women to be the best that they can be and to show the passion that they have for this industry. A Lady Of Lavender is a woman who is inspiring to others and is one to look up to. A Lady of Lavender is you!


Oh Skirt!;

From button-ups + pleather, to high-waisted + envelope, and everything in between – we've got you covered! || Hit the pic above to shop our chic skirt collection! Come on.. ya know you wanna || 

Sweater Weather; 

Only the BEST time of the year! Seriously, who doesn't love a cute sweater? Cold weather is right around the corner + fun sweaters are just a click away! Beat the crowd